Don’t wait to file your wrongful death claim! The wrongdoer is strategizing their defense now. Pay only when you win.

36 Years of Experience Winning Wrongful Death Cases. St. Louis Personal Injury Victims – Pay Only When Your Case Wins

Your loved one just passed away, and now you’re left with an emptiness – a huge void that no one else can fill. And you believe a careless or irresponsible person or company caused their death.

So now you need to pursue legal action. And you have to find a personal injury attorney in St. Louis who can help you get the compensation you deserve – recognizing no amount of money would ever truly compensate you for your loss.

Don’t Wait to File Your Wrongful Death Claim – The Wrongdoer is Already Strategizing Their Defense

You already have enough grief and stress on your mind because your loved one was torn away from you by someone else’s negligent or reckless actions. So it’s tempting to wait to take legal action because you don’t want any more stress or chaos in your life.

But waiting to file your wrongful death claim is a huge mistake.

That’s because it’s easiest to prove your case when you gather evidence, consult experts, and make strategic decisions right away. The longer you wait to file your claim, the more time the wrongdoer has to construct their defense. And the harder it is for you to win.

For example, the defending party, and maybe their insurance company, may question witnesses first, tamper or destroy evidence you could use to win your claim, or withhold critical information you could use to win your claim.

It’s sad and unfortunate this happens. But it’s the way wrongful death claims often work.

Mullen & Mullen Attorneys Have the Experience and Accolades to Handle Your St. Louis Wrongful Death Case

Let our legal skills go to work for you, so you can focus on what’s most important – recovering from the grief and trauma of just having lost your loved one. Our firm has been assisting clients who have lost a loved one for over 30 years – three decades. Recently, Newsweek named Mullen & Mullen 1 of its 11 “Premier Personal Injury Attorneys of 2015.” 

Just take a look at our credentials:

  • Attorney Shane Mullen* has been named a “Super Lawyer Rising Star” from 2014-2016 (link to Shane’s profile). Super Lawyers uses a rigorous 12-point process to find the best lawyers in any state, and to prevent lawyers from gaming the system. Just the top 2.5% become “Rising Stars,” who are the best lawyers under 40 or with less than 10 years of practice experience. Shane’s also won cases with values in excess of $1 million as evidenced by his inclusion in the prestigious Million Dollar Advocates Forum.
  • Attorney Regis Mullen*, Shane’s dad, has more than 3 decades of legal experience. Originally, he worked as a litigator for a major insurance company. He has shared his inside knowledge of their tactics with the other attorneys in the firm.
  • Attorney Joseph R. Morrison* won the 5th largest premises liability verdict in the state of Texas in 2012 as recognized by VerdictSearch – Jeffrey Young vs. ConAgra foods, Inc. ConAgra – a billion dollar corporation – had offered $0 before trial.
  • Feel free to Google “Shane Mullen Avvo” or “Joseph Morrison Avvo” to see what past clients say. Avvo is one of the most reliable online rating services for personal injury lawyers. You can also Google “Mullen and Mullen Dallas” and read the numerous 5 Star Reviews from past clients of the firm.

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At Mullen & Mullen, you get personal service from a smaller firm too. You’re already under a large amount of stress and grief. So you need someone who cares about your personal recovery from this tragedy, in addition to fighting to win you the largest settlement or verdict possible.

Don’t give the wrongdoer a chance to organize their defense and possibly minimize or entirely deny your wrongful death claim.

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And you only pay a percentage of your case’s final value if you win. In other words, you only pay a fee if we obtain a recovery for you.

Frequently Asked Questions about Wrongful Death Claims – Plain English Answers to Complex Legal Questions

If you’re considering bringing a wrongful death claim forward in St. Louis, you probably have a number of questions. Here are some of the top questions clients ask us during initial consultations:

  1. Who can file a wrongful death suit?

This is how it works in Missouri:

  1. The first people to have this right are the surviving spouse, children, or grandchildren of the deceased person
  2. If the deceased is a child, the parents have the right to file a claim
  3. If the deceased person doesn’t have any of the surviving family members above, a surviving sibling can file a claim
  4. If the deceased person has no surviving siblings, their personal representative can file the claim
  5. If no personal representative is available, the court can appoint a “plaintiff ad litem” who is legally “entitled to share in the proceeds” of a successful wrongful death in Missouri
  1. What needs to happen so you can file a wrongful death claim?

In Missouri, a person or company must have engaged in negligent or intentional actions that caused the death of your loved one. Had the person survived, they should have been able to recover financial damages for the actions of the other party involved.

  1. What financial compensation can you recover for your loved one’s wrongful death?

Legally, these are called “damages.” It depends on the circumstances surrounding your loved one’s case. But you can recover damages for:

  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • Medical bills incurred as a result of the injury or illness that caused their death
  • The value of the wages they would have earned had they continued to survive
  • Pain and suffering your deceased loved one experienced immediately prior to their death
  • The “reasonable value” of the services, support, comfort, and companionship your loved one would have provided to you and surviving family members had they continued to live

Clearly, there’s a lot of room for interpretation with these damages. So that’s why it’s important to have a skilled injury attorney on your side.

Get your free consultation today when you call 314-465-8733 (314-INJURED), or contact Mullen & Mullen online using the form on this page.