St. Louis Personal Injury Lawyers – Save Thousands

Pay just a 29.0% case fee (regularly 33.3%) and potentially save thousands when you hire our injury lawyers. Find out how to qualify for this special offer.

Keep Thousands in Your Pocket When You Mention You Found Us Through This Website

On most personal injury cases – and at most firms – you pay your personal injury lawyer 33.3% of your case’s final settlement value as your fee.

At Mullen & Mullen, we charge you a 29.0% fee when you mention you found us through this website as long as your case settles out of court (about 90% of all cases do) and does not involve a dangerous drug.

Take a look at how much more money you get when you pay a reduced 29% case fee:

Settlement Value After Costs Typical Firm Fee – 33.3% Our 29% Special Fee You Save
$25,000  $8,333  $7,250  $1,083
$50,000   $16,666  $14,500  $2,166
$75,000  $25,000   $21,750   $3,250
$100,000  $33,333  $29,000  $4,333
$500,000  $165,000  $145,000  $20,000
$1 Million  $333,333  $290,000  $43,333


Those savings make a big difference at any level, and they really add up as the value of your case increases. Our firm has been maximizing the value of our clients’ settlements for over 36 years – allowing us to pass savings on to you.

You Might Be Wondering the Answers to Some of These Common Questions

  1. What do most personal injury firms charge?

If the filing of a lawsuit is not necessary to resolve your case most personal injury law firms will charge you 33.3% of the total settlement value as a fee. If litigation is necessary most firms increase the contingent fee percentage to 40%.

Do any conditions apply so I can get my discount?

Just a few:

  • You must ask for the discount on the day you choose to hire us
  • Your case must settle out of court (about 90% do, so don’t worry)
  • Your case can’t be a dangerous drug injury case

Do you do anything else to save me money?

Absolutely. We employ a private investigator in-house, rather than contracting their services. When contracted, most firms pass the expense on to you and take that amount as a cost from your case’s settlement value.

Can I get a special reduced case fee anywhere else in St. Louis?

Not that we’re aware of. To our knowledge, we’re the only firm that offers this special reduced case fee. We can offer it because of our exceptional track record and the results we obtain for our clients.

This sounds great! What should I do?

Just call us today for your free consultation at 314-465-8733 (314-INJURED), or contact us online.

We’ll listen carefully so we can help you strategize your physical and emotional recovery, and get the money you deserve for your injuries.

It’s just a friendly conversation to get to know one another. While we hope you hire us, there’s absolutely no pressure to make a decision on the spot.