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Our Risperdal Lawyers in St. Louis Make Billion Dollar Behemoth Johnson & Johnson Pay You the Money You Deserve

The US Department of Justice accused Johnson & Johnson of illegally promoting Risperdal before it had FDA approval to do so.

Are you, or a loved one, one of the many victims?

You could be if you or a loved one experienced:

  1. Enlargement in male breasts (gynecomastia)
  2. Painful discharge from your nipples
  3. Need for a mastectomy, or the liposuction necessary to resolve it
  4. Movement problems affecting your mouth (Tardive Dyskinesia)
  5. A slew of other side effects

A Powerful, Gigantic Corporation, One of the Largest in the US, is Responsible for Your Injuries. What Can You Do?

You certainly won’t be able to state your case to J&J and get a fair outcome. Their actions show they care about money, not your health.

But our experienced Risperdal lawyers at St. Louis law firm Mullen & Mullen can help you win. Attorney Regis Mullen* has more than 40 years of legal experience, including experience working for big insurance companies. He knows the tricks they use to delay and deny claims.

Regis’ son, Shane Mullen*, is a three-time “Super Lawyer Rising Star” (2014-2016). The objective award means he’s one of the top 2.5% of all personal injury lawyers under 40 or with less than 10 years of legal experience.

Senior Associate Attorney Joseph Morrison* has already taken on the big guys in court and won. In Young versus ConAgra Foods (a nearly $16 billion company), he obtained the 5th largest premises liability verdict in the State of Texas for 2012 as recognized by VerdictSearch.

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If a lawyer you talk to pressures you to sign a contract “now,” it’s probably not a good decision. You shouldn’t be rushed into a situation you’re not comfortable with.

Big firms are impersonal. The heavy-advertising firms want to max their own profit margins. Small firms with a proven track record of success provide you with the personal attention you deserve – and are often best equipped to advocate your case.

There’s absolutely no pressure on you to hire Mullen & Mullen’s Risperdal lawyers on the spot.

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