Pedestrians have rights too – but insurance companies try to take yours away. 3+ decades of pedestrian injury experience.

Pedestrian Accident and Injury Attorneys in St. Louis that Protect You from Powerful Insurance Companies Who Want to Eliminate or Minimize Your Payout

Were you injured when you were acting as a pedestrian? You could have been in a crosswalk, or walking through a parking lot.

Regardless of how your injury happened, it’s likely a serious one. After all, there’s no steel or airbags to protect you from a careless driver not paying attention.

Seems rather obvious to you that your injuries are the fault of another driver, doesn’t it?

But powerful insurance companies still have compelling arguments to reduce the value of your claim or deny it entirely.

They’ll try to say you also were inattentive. They could suggest you were walking too quickly, didn’t look both ways before you crossed, or entered an intersection before it was safe to do so. Even if you enter the intersection when the electronic sign says it’s safe, they can argue their driver actually had control of the intersection first.

So in their minds, parts of your injuries are your fault, and they shouldn’t have to pay you as much money as you deserve, or none at all.

You Need One of St. Louis’ Most Experienced Pedestrian Accident and Injury Lawyers

At Mullen & Mullen, our lawyers have more than 3 decades of experience assisting injured pedestrians like you. And we know the arguments the insurance companies will most likely make. That’s because one of our lawyers used to work for a major insurance company. So he knows their inner workings, how to counter their arguments, and how to keep them off balance.

Remember: Even if you are partially at fault for the accident, you can still recover compensation for your injuries as long as the accident was not 100% your fault.

If the Insurance Company Calls You, Remember They’re Not On Your Side – Hang Up and Call Our Pedestrian and Accident Injury Lawyers Instead!

Don’t forget – insurance companies exist first and foremost to make a profit. Everything else, including your personal health and well-being, comes second.

When their adjuster calls you, they sound like the nicest and friendliest person you’ll ever meet. But be smart and don’t fall for it. Their goal is to get you excited by offering you cash quickly so you don’t get the medical attention you need, discover the full extent of your injuries, and win the actual amount of money you deserve. Or, they want to get you to say something that ruins the credibility of your case entirely, so you don’t recover any money at all.

Missouri law does not require you to speak to the insurance company. Contact Mullen & Mullen first instead by calling 314-465-8733 (314-INJURED), or contacting us online for your free consultation.

The free consultation is simply a friendly discussion to see how we can help you. There’s absolutely no pressure on you to hire us on the spot.