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$2,024,050.73 Settlement for DWI injury

Drunk Driving Accident and Injury Attorneys in St. Louis That Get You the Money You Deserve – And Help with Your Physical and Emotional Recovery

According to MADD statistics, 248 people died in Missouri as a result of drunk driving. Another 2,154 were injured, 5,233 crashes resulted from alcohol use, and 29,174 drivers were arrested for DUI.

Missouri has made a lot of progress on drunk driving and the number of injuries, accidents, and fatalities it causes. But you, or your loved one, still have a chance of being a victim.

If you or your loved one have been a victim of a drunk driving accident, you have a long list of problems to deal with:

  • Your physical and emotional recovery
  • Inability to work and provide an income for your family
  • Loss of time with your loved ones
  • Less time to pursue the activities you enjoy
  • Medical bills piling up way beyond your ability to pay
  • Finding a lawyer you can trust to win you the money you deserve

Mullen and Mullen Treats You Like Family, Taking the Time to Understand Your Personal Needs

Mullen and Mullen personal injury law firm in St. Louis can connect you with medical providers happy to delay billing until your case resolves. So if you can’t afford to pay your deductibles or co-pays (or don’t think you should have to because another driver caused your injuries), you have absolutely no need to worry.

You won’t have to experience harassing phone calls from the hospital’s billing department or bill collectors. You won’t have to face the thought of filing bankruptcy, or possibly losing your house, because you can’t afford your medical bills.

It’s our goal to make sure your case gets the full attention of an experienced personal injury lawyer who directly oversees, monitors, and develops your case. Unlike many other firms, which have a less skilled paralegal or “case manager” overseeing your case, our lawyers do the majority of work on your case (we do not employ a single paralegal). When you call, you talk to the lawyer doing the hands-on work, not someone assisting with the case.

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Remember, the at-fault driver’s insurance company wants to pay you as little money as they can. And some volume personal injury firms want to run you through their process as fast as possible and don’t have the time to give you the individual attention you need and deserve.

Who’s on your side?

Our personal injury lawyers level the playing field, so you get the fair amount of money you deserve. Because when a drunk driver injures you, they should be held fully responsible for the harm they caused you.

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Remember, this is just a friendly conversation for us to learn the facts of your case and see how, or if, we can help you. Please don’t feel any pressure to hire us on the spot. If you don’t think we’re a good fit for any reason, feel free to contact other personal injury lawyers.