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Are You Getting a Fair Personal Injury Settlement?

Will you get a fair personal injury settlement offer from the defendant? Learn how to know if you should take the offer you get in this post.
Did you know the world’s largest lawsuit was just filed?

Anton Purisima, 62, is suing a long list of defendants, including the City of New York and LaGuardia Airport, for what started with a dog biting his middle finger and evolved into a slew of other civil rights violations.

Guess how much he wants?

Two undecillion dollars. That’s a 2 with 36 zeros after it. It’s currently more money than exists on the entire planet!

Purisima does not have a personal injury lawyer and has chosen to represent himself. As you might guess, he likely has some mental health issues and isn’t expected to win the claim.

His story clearly doesn’t come anything close to fair. But you’re not like Mr. Purisima, and most injury victims aren’t.

You simply want fair […]

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Do You Have a Car Accident Injury Claim?

You got in a car accident. Can you get money for your injuries? Maybe. Learn what St. Louis personal injury lawyers Mullen & Mullen have to say.
In some states, like Arkansas, Colorado, Georgia, Idaho, Kansas, Maine, Nebraska, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and West Virginia, if you are at least 50% or more at fault for your injuries you are barred from recovery. In other states, this number bumps up to 51% responsibility. And in South Dakota, if you have any negligence beyond “slight negligence,” you can’t recover anything for your injuries.

In other states and places, like the District of Columbia, Maryland, North Carolina, and Virginia, you can’t recover anything for your injuries if you contribute to them in any way.

Sounds a little harsh and ridiculous, does it not? But, that’s the way it works for them.

So what’s the case here in Missouri? When can you and can’t you recover for […]

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Do You Have a Personal Injury Claim You Can Win?

Missouri law lets you recover money for your injuries, even if you are partially at fault. Learn how you can identify if you have a valid personal injury claim.
Personal injury cases can arise from any number of scenarios. You’re probably most familiar with slip and falls, car accidents, medical malpractice, work injuries, and product liability cases (improperly manufactured/designed cars, for example).

If you experience an injury – and you feel it’s not your fault or only partially your fault – how do you know if you have a case that could entitle you to damages?

Here’s a rough way to make that determination:

Lawyers Think of This as Determining Fault

Once fault is established, the at-fault party is responsible for paying financial damages for your injuries. In reality, it will most often be the fat-faulty party’s insurance company that pays you.

To show fault, a personal injury attorney must:

Prove the defendant owed you […]

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Mullen & Mullen Opens St. Louis Office

Mullen & Mullen personal injury law firm has opened a location in St. Louis, Missouri. Injury victims often have a difficult time obtaining the settlements they truly deserve. Mullen & Mullen has been assisting injured victims for over thirty years and offers clients the individual attention their cases deserve. 

St. Louis, MO June 13, 2016 – Leading Dallas-Fort Worth personal injury law firm – Mullen & Mullen – just opened a new office in St. Louis’ Downtown Deloitte building. The firm has a 30 + year track record of success and has been featured in both Newsweek and Forbes.

“In Texas, the law isn’t always as fair to ordinary people as it should be. What I like about Missouri is that it treats injured victims with greater balance in respect to huge corporations. St. Louis presents a wonderful opportunity for our firm to help personal injury victims get the fair compensation they […]

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