Dangerous Drugs

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Is Your Dangerous Prescription Drug Lawsuit Winnable?

It’s not easy to win lawsuits against harmful prescription drugs and their manufacturers, but it is possible. Learn how you can see if you have one.
Some drug companies are so motivated by profits that they are willing to place dangerous drugs that can injure or kill people into the marketplace.

That’s just the cost of doing business to them.

So – even if they have to pay several hundred million dollars in lawsuits for a drug that made them billions – it still makes a net profit for them.

Make no mistake about it – prescription drugs are hugely profitable. In fact, 55 drugs in 2013 made at least $1 billion.


Many of these drugs are intentionally marketed in illegal ways to maximize sales. Some drug companies also set up their own funds to pay off consumers. Then they make the rules ridiculously complex so they don’t have to pay out as much money […]

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