Insurance companies don’t want to pay for your losses – they want to maximize their profits! Pay only when you win.

Big Insurance Companies Are Not On Your Side, But Our Experienced Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Based in St. Louis Get You the Money You Deserve

When you experience a covered loss, you expect the insurance company to pay for it. After all, that was the whole reason you bought insurance in the first place.

But – remember – insurance companies are businesses that profit most when they don’t have to pay you for your loss.

Insurance companies exist to do two things:

  1. Maximize profit for shareholders.
  2. Make sure executives get maximum compensation. The top insurance company CEO made $15.6 million in 2014.

That’s why the language in the contracts you sign with these companies is so complicated. It’s drafted to give insurance companies a legal reason to not pay your claim. It helps explain why so many claims get disputed or denied and sometimes end up in court.

Insurance companies don’t want to pay for your loss because when they do, they lose profit from their bottom line. That makes shareholders and executives angry.

As you can see, even though you are often legally required to purchase insurance carriers do not exist to do “the right thing.” Even worse, Missouri law is written to favor insurance companies, not consumers like you.

You need experienced bad faith insurance lawyers with a proven track record of success on your side.

What is Bad Faith Insurance Law?

In the law, “Bad Faith” means one of two things:

Your own insurance company didn’t have a “reasonable basis” to refuse to pay your claim or full extent of your damages or failed to properly investigate your claim in a timely manner. If your insurance company acts in bad faith you have the right to file suit against your own carrier.

Remember: Third-party carriers (for example, the insurance company for a motorist that hit you) owe you no duties whatsoever. They can deny your claim even if it’s unreasonable to do so. They can delay your claim all they want.  Fortunately, you can sue the insured individual or company in third-party cases.

Mullen & Mullen’s Bad Faith Insurance Attorneys Get You the Money You Deserve

When insurers misbehave, or decide they want to see if you’re going to take action against them, you need experienced attorneys with proven legal expertise on your side.

At Mullen & Mullen, we’ve been battling large insurance companies on behalf of our clients for over 30 years. We protect your legal rights when no one else will. Our attorneys have proven legal experience:

  • Shane Mullen* is a “Super Lawyers Rising Star,” placing him in the top 2.5% of all bad faith insurance lawyers
  • Shane’s father, Regis Mullen*, used to work for Allstate, so he knows how large insurance companies work and has passed that knowledge on to the other attorneys in the firm.
  • Joseph Morrison* won the 5th largest premises liability verdict in the State of Texas in 2012

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