How do most motorcycle accidents happen?

Have you been in a motorcycle accident? Do you know what’s most likely to cause one?

Because if you do, then you can take preventative measures to avoid one. Car drivers cause most motorcycle accidents, even though they know to look for motorcycles.

It’s just the way it works. So, you have to take proactive action and anticipate the most common mistakes other drivers will make. Plus, you have to watch out for a couple unique situations you can face when alone.

And here those are:

  1. A Car Turning Left in Front of You

Many drivers report seeing motorcycles directly in front of them and turning left anyway. To some degree, it seems that human minds associate only what they see most often, cars and trucks, as vehicles. Sometimes, drivers simply forget and don’t recognize motorcycles as moving vehicles. That includes even well-intended, and otherwise responsible, drivers.

At intersections, slow your speed more than normal. Try to watch the other driver’s eyes to make sure they notice you. See if they have their turn signal on. Check their wheels too because the wheels can indicate what the car’s going to do. Cover the break with your hand, and be ready to hit it at any moment.

  1. Curves and Corners

This one doesn’t work like you might think. You’d expect that maybe most motorcycle drivers get surprised by an oncoming vehicle.

Well, with curves and corners, two bad things can happen:

  1. You unexpectedly hit loose gravel, sand, leaves, or even a pile of cow or animal dung
  2. You approach with too much speed, panic, over correct, and lose control of your bike

Some motorcycle riders follow the “slow in, fast out” rule of handling corners. Go slower than you feel you have to when entering the corner, and hit the gas when coming out of it.

  1. Car Pulls Into Your Lane

Remember how car drivers don’t recognize motorcycles as motorcycles, even when they look right at them? That same effect comes into play when you drive in car’s blind spots.

It’s still their responsibility to see you when they change lanes. But, they might not simply because they’re looking for another car or truck, and not a motorcycle.

By taking preventative action, you can avoid a big collision with another driver. Watch for a turn signal, wheels moving in the direction of your lane, a driver moving their head around checking their mirrors, crazy drivers weaving in and out of traffic, and drivers looking at their smartphones. Keep constant awareness of road shoulders you can use as escapes.

Stay Safe and Have Fun Riding

You have more risk as a motorcycle rider, but that’s part of the fun of it, isn’t it?

You can’t eliminate all risk. But, by being aware of these motorcycle accident types and taking preventative action, you can greatly reduce your chances of involvement in a painful and costly accident.

If you do find yourself in a motorcycle accident in Missouri, call our St. Louis personal injury lawyers for a free consultation. There is never a fee unless we win.